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KVG Essen has been operating in the wholesale of new tyres and aluminium rims for over 25 years.

In the course of many years’ cooperation with renowned producers of aluminium rims, KVG eventually decided to produce its own rim line in order to improve what it deemed to be design errors of other manufacturers or fill their design gaps.

Almost one year of planning and a number of drafts later, a contented smile finally appeared on the faces of all those involved - the perfect rim was on paper!

After the first wheels were produced and extensive practical tests were carried out, there was no longer any doubt. The wheel of the next generation had been born.

The successful wheel TN1 has now been on the market for just under seven years and still enjoys the high demand of tuning fans worldwide. The wheel is available in sizes from 15-19 inches. Thanks to its classic design, which delights customers aged from 18-88, the wheel is absolute classic material and has shaped Tomason’s brand image like no other wheel.

The Tomason TN3 wheel is the classic wheel in the KVG range. A rim with an extremely resistant finish - perfectly armed to brave the aggressive effects of winters to come. The wheel has an ABE general certification in many sizes, meaning it is not subject to registration and is available in sizes from 14-17 inches – for almost any application. Since 2010 the TN3 has also been available with the designation F - F stands here for freight, meaning the TN3 wheel is now also available for special commercial vehicle applications, e.g. a Mercedes sprinter. In this way, Tomason complies with the wish held by drivers of such vehicles to smarten up the appearance of their car with an aluminium rim.

The Tomason TN4 wheel is the high-powered racer wheel - a solid rim with an equally extravagant design as is the case with all Tomason rims. Designed for large and heavy vehicles, the TN4 gives these that certain something - an irresistible combination of elegance and power. The wheel is available in sizes from 17-22 inches, and has very high load-bearing capacities for almost all established motor cars and sport utility vehicles.

The TN5 wheel was originally meant to be put on the market in a somewhat different design, but since this could not be implemented up to that time, another very contemporary design was chosen, which creative heads had had in mind for a long time: A five-spoke wheel where each spoke is subdivided into three very sophisticated spokes making the wheel particularly attractive. Rounded off with a novel finish (gunmetal polished), this wheel is a particular eye-catcher. The wheel is available in 18 and 19 inches.

A “wheel at second sight” is the Tomason TN6 wheel. When you first look at it, this rim shines like a simple five-spoke wheel. Only when taking a second glance do you see the 5x2 spokes, which, coloured metallic black, seem to be hidden between the polished spokes. Thanks to this special effect the wheel is very popular in the tuning scene and is often mounted onto middle-sized cars and treasured. You can purchase the TN6 wheel in 18 and 19 inches.

2 new Tomason colour combinations were tried out with the two predecessor wheels TN5 and TN6. There was a return to the roots with the TN7 wheel, namely to the classic hyperblack front-polished finish. The TN7 wheel combines like no other wheel in the Tomason programme the tuning scene’s demand for a playful-looking wheel and for a design with a classic racing look and can be mounted on just about any vehicle of each brand. The TN7 wheel is available in 18 and 19 inches for all the usual applications.

The Tomason TN8 wheel was designed due to high demand from the scene. It combines the design of the TN1 rim with a high-grade steel well. Since this wheel is no real two-piece however, Tomason insisted at the time of design that this high-grade steel well be exchangeable. This offers the customer the advantage that the wheel is cheaper than a real two-piece, although he can still have the high-grade steel well exchanged if damage should occur. The wheel is also the first in the programme to be offered in combination, i.e. the wheel is available in 8.5x19 and 9.5x19 so that a wider rim can be used on the rear axle, emphasising the sportiness of this wheel once more.

The TN9 wheel is indeed geared to the origins of the Tomason portfolio. This wheel combines the aggressive yet classic look of the TN1 rim with the stability of the TN4 wheel. This particular wheel is available for motor vehicles in the combination 8.5x20 and 10.0x20 and in 10.0x20 with a particularly high load-bearing capacity especially for larger and smaller sports utility vehicles.

The Tomason programme impresses through its contact with the tuning scene and our internationally positioned sales team will assist you at any time with help and advice.


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